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Film Preview: The Return of The Room, 27 March, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

11 Mar

The Room

It’s back. It’s the film they should have tried to ban, one so bad that cinema audiences  have been known to stage mass walk outs while those that remain wish they’d stayed at home. Yes, The Room returns to Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema on Saturday 27 March, and you really should be there.

As Ross Maclean wrote last month, “to call The Room bad is to do it a disservice. It transcends ‘bad’ to become an all-encompassing onslaught of ridiculous scripting, woeful acting, cringe-inducing sex scenes, frequent non-sequiturs, bad dubbing and over-earnest melodrama.” And he’s seen it five times.

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Theatre/Film Preview: Nation, 30 January, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

3 Jan


One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to highlight events that might only be around for a short time, one-off film screenings or plays that might be here today then…gone.

One upcoming event manages to mash both these things together rather wonderfully, providing Edinburgh film and theatre-goers with the chance to see a live play taking place at London’s National Theatre in the comfort of the Cameo Cinema, live by satellite – boggles the brain a bit really.

The play in question is Terry Pratchett’s Nation (and it’s not one of his Discworld novels) on Saturday 30 January and it goes something like this:

A parallel world, 1860. Two teenagers thrown together by a tsunami that has destroyed Mau’s village and left Daphne shipwrecked on his South Pacific island, thousands of miles from home.

One wears next to nothing, the other a long white dress; neither speaks the other’s language; somehow they must learn to survive. As starving refugees gather, Daphne delivers a baby, milks a pig, brews beer and does battle with a mutineer.

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Film news: Buy a seat at the Cameo cinema

16 Dec

Cameo seating

Stuck for a novel Christmas present? Fancy having your name on a little bit of history? If you have a spare £125 you could get your name on a seat in Screen One of one of the oldest cinemas in Scotland, Edinburgh’s Cameo.

Film fans can name a seat of their choice, with a dedication to themselves, a loved one or business engraved on a brass plaque mounted on the seat.

The price is £125 until 31 December, when it rises to £150, with funds to be matched by the cinema’s parent company, City Screen Limited.

The cinema will put funds raised towards the £80,000 refurbishment bill required to restore the 95-year-old cinema.

To find out more contact the Cameo directly:

Cameo Picturehouse
38 Home Street
Edinburgh EH3 9LZ

Booking & Info Line: 0871 704 2052
(10p a minute from a landline)

Email: cameo@picturehouses.co.uk

Photo courtesy www.scottishcinemas.org.uk

Film Preview: Rocky Horror Picture Show, 28 November, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

18 Nov

The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to the Cameo Cinema again, this time raising money for the refurbishment of the cinema.

Taking place on Saturday 28 November , all proceeds raised on the evening will go towards the upgrading of the outer foyer and toilets.

Keep an eye on the Cameo website for full details.

Film Preview: Waltz with Bashir and Paths of Glory, 1 February, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

29 Jan

This Sunday’s double bill at the Cameo in Edinbugh (free to members as always) is comprised of Waltz with Bashir and Paths of Glory.

The animated Waltz with Bashir was nominated for an Oscar last week and is a look at one soldiers reaction to the horrors of the 1982 war in Lebanon.

The war theme continues in Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory from 1957, a realistic look at trench warfare in World War One starring Kirk Douglas.

Head to the Cameo website for more information.

Film Preview: Bruce Campbell in Person, 5 February, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh – Updated

5 Jan

My Name is Bruce

This is a biggie for film and TV fans not only in Scotland but around the UK: Bruce Campbell will be appearing in person at Edinburgh’s Cameo Cinema for one night only to promote his new film, My Name is Bruce!

Bruce will be in town as part of a promotional tour which will see him appear post-screening at only two venues in the United Kingdom, and Edinburgh is one of them.

One of my personal favourite Bruce appearances is in the short-lived but much loved Adventures of Brisco County Jr TV show, though he’s also worshipped appreciated by many for the Evil Dead trilogy, Bubba Ho-Tep, Maniac Cop, the Spiderman films, some superb episodes of Homicide: Life on the Streets and a long list of other cult classics.

This will likely sell out in seconds, with fans travelling from far and wide for the screening – subscribe to the itsonitsgone.com email and I’ll let you know more as soon I hear it.

Update 6 January: the Cameo have now announced that the screening will take place on Thursday 5 February 2009, tickets to go on sale on Monday 12 January.

Update 7 January: the latest from those nice people at the Cameo is that, barring last minute attacks by skeletons from the Middle Ages, tickets will go on sale at 11am on Monday 12 January. Sales will be by phone on 0871 704 2052 or in person at the box office but NOT online. There’s also due to be a Bruce Campbell Q&A post-screening. Please note that all this is subject to change – I’ll let you know more when I hear it…

Update 12 January: Gone in 13 minutes. No, that’s not some ropey sequel to a Nic Cage movie but the amount of time it took for tickets for Bruce Campbell’s Edinburgh appearance to sell out. Not bad considering sales were only by phone and in person. Ian Hoey, manager of the Cameo, says that a second screening is “being considered” for those that missed out, but that nothing is certain just now. He also says he has something “very special” planned for the film’s introduction…

Update 14 January: I’ve got a bit of exclusive news (it’s not even up on the Cameo website yet!): As I mentioned above, huge demand on Monday resulted in the tickets for the screening of My Name is Bruce followed by the Bruce Campbell Q&A selling out in a Cameo record of 13 minutes.

To try and ease some of the disappointment felt by those who missed out on tickets, the cinema have managed to arrange an additional screening of My Name is Bruce immediately following the sellout show.  They are very hopeful that Bruce Campbell will remain after the Q&A to personally introduce this second screening!

Details are currently being finalised though the expected show time is around 9 or 9.15pm.

Tickets will go on sale at 11.00am on Monday 26 January and will be via the phoneline on 0871 704 2052 or in person at the box office only. Prices are £7.50 Full/£6.00 concession/£5.00 members.

In addition they’ll also be screening Bubba Ho-Tep as a late-nighter on the two days following this event.

This is fantastic news – two screenings introduced by Bruce Campbell in one night…we shall never see such excitement again?

I know this post is still getting a lot of traffic so if you are attending either screening, or are coming a long distance, please leave a comment below as I’d love to know who’s out there!

Updated 26 January: As of 4.30 today there were still 80 tickets left for the 9.15pm screening which the Cameo have now confirmed will be introduced by Mr Bruce Campbell…

Updated 29 January: As of 12.30 today there are only 19 tickets remaining for the Bruce Campbell introduced second screeing of My Name is Bruce… tickets can only be bought in person at the box office or on the booking line 0871 704 2052.

Updated 30 January: The second screening is now SOLD OUT but I’ve got two tickets to give away thanks to the Edinburgh Evening News and the Cameo!

Final Update(?) 5 February: Bruce Campbell in Person review

As ever, subscribe to the itsonitsgone.com email and I’ll let you know more as soon I hear it.

(Thanks to Ian at the Cameo for the heads-up)

More details are over on the Cameo website.

Meanwhile here’s a trailer for My Name is Bruce:

Film Preview: Hudsucker Proxy and Burn After Reading, 4 January, Cameo, Edinburgh

3 Jan

A quick mention for the double bill screening at the Cameo tomorrow of the Coen Brothers’ films The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) and 2008’s Burn After Reading.

Details on the Cameo website.