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The end of

3 Jul

With updates to this blog slowing down in 2010 and coming to a complete halt in 2011, the time has come to admit that I no longer have the time to devote to updating this little corner of the Internet.

Since I started the site back in 2008, the number of Edinburgh entertainment sites has grown, with most of them latching onto the same events and shows and trying to cover them in their own way, to varying degrees of success. Quite whether the paying public is as interested in our reviews as we are is a subject worth debating.

Increasingly I’m looking for original features, interviews and other coverage of plays or films rather than yet another 350 word review, but those are few and far between.

So, I’ll keep writing for the Edinburgh Evening News for the moment, along with film site ReelScotland and my Twitter feed over at @jon_melville, and I’d love to see some of you there.

If you’ve read any of the reviews or previews on this site over the years then thank you, if you’ve enjoyed them then that’s even better. I’ll leave the site online as a kind of archive, and perhaps it will return in some format or other in the future, but for now, is, well, gone.


Site news: Film coverage on

7 Apr

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that updates, in particular film updates, have decreased in recent weeks – but it’s not just because I’ve been watching too many DVDs.

I’ve just set up a brand new website, ReelScotland, which takes elements of this site and adds a whole lot more, with more interviews, reviews, previews and articles about cinema events around Scotland.

I’ll still be adding theatre and the odd film event to this site, but if you’d like to broaden your Scottish cinema horizons even further, please head over to to find out more – I hope you enjoy it.

Theatre Preview: I Was a Beautiful Day, 14 – 17 April, Tron Theatre, Glasgow

20 Mar

A freshly staged and newly revised version of I Was a Beautiful Day opens at the Tron on 14 April, running until 17 April.  First commissioned by the Traverse Theatre in 2005, the play has been called funny, moving and utterly compelling.

Confined to a hospital room, Dan obsessively maps the terrain of his island past. When a fellow patient hits crisis point, Dan is forced to acknowledge that life cannot be contained by lines drawn on paper.

Anne works for the Ordnance Survey. There is only one man in Scotland who can help her complete the map for a forgotten part of Lewis. But can she convince Dan to confront the terrible secrets of his past?

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DVD Review: Callan – The Monochrome Years

1 Mar

Callan Banner


Perhaps best described as the “anti-Bond”, David Callan was for six years one of the more unique portrayals of the career spy on British television, an embittered man for whom bloodshed was to be avoided where possible and loyalty to Her Majesty was almost a thorn in his side.

Professional killer Callan (Edward Woodward) stalks the shadows of British espionage in these remaining episodes from series one and two, including the atmospheric pilot, Magnum for Schneider.

Sent on each mission-of-the-week by the mysterious Hunter and both helped and hindered by fellow spy Meares (Peter Bowles and Anthony Valentine), Callan is drawn into the sort of situations where a conscience is left at the door.

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Giveaway: M and There’s Always Tomorrow Blu-rays and DVDs

24 Feb


Update 1 March 2010: This giveaway has now ended

This week sees the release of two classic films from Masters of Cinema that demand the attention of cinephiles everywhere: Fritz Lang’s 1931 thriller M and Douglas Sirk’s 1956 drama There’s Always Tomorrow: and I’ve got copies of each to give away on the blog. Continue reading

Theatre Preview: The Beauty Queen of Leenane, 19 Feb – 13 March, Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

22 Feb
Beauty Queen of Leenane

Photo by Alan McCredie

In The Beauty Queen of Leenane, coming to Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre from Fri 19 February – Saturday 13 March, Martin McDonagh delivers a twisted and comic tale of a mother and daughter trapped in a small village in Galway.

Maureen lives a lonely life, with only her mother Mag for company, tending to her every need, putting up with years of insults (and doling out a few of her own).

When a chance comes along to find love and make a new life for herself Maureen sees an opportunity to escape. Mag has other ideas though, and her interference sets in motion a chain of misunderstandings and betrayals, heart- breaking tragedy and dark, dark humour.

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DVD Giveaway: The Avengers Complete Series Three

17 Feb

The Avengers banner

Fans of the 1960s spy genre rejoice: The Avengers Complete Series Three is out now on DVD, a chance to relive the early years of the programme which in many ways defined Sixties television and still stands up today as the epitome of cool.

Over in my review of the series I noted that, while the programme may be best remembered for its later John Steed/Emma Peel episodes which took the world by storm, these Honor Blackman-era adventures show glimpses of what was to come and deserve a place on any discerning genre TV fan’s shelf.

With Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Blackman as Mrs Gale, the world of espionage never looked better.

Thanks to those nice people over at Optimum Home Entertainment I have two copies of the series to give away. Retailing at £42.98 online, as well as 26 episodes, the set comes with commentaries, photo galleries, episode introductions, scripts for every episode and various other goodies. And they look gorgeous.

To be in with a chance to win just answer the following question:

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