Film Preview: The Return of The Room, 27 March, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

11 Mar

The Room

It’s back. It’s the film they should have tried to ban, one so bad that cinema audiences  have been known to stage mass walk outs while those that remain wish they’d stayed at home. Yes, The Room returns to Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema on Saturday 27 March, and you really should be there.

As Ross Maclean wrote last month, “to call The Room bad is to do it a disservice. It transcends ‘bad’ to become an all-encompassing onslaught of ridiculous scripting, woeful acting, cringe-inducing sex scenes, frequent non-sequiturs, bad dubbing and over-earnest melodrama.” And he’s seen it five times.

I went alkong to the Cameo’s firs, sold-out,  screening of The Room in February and enjoyed the atmosphere in the room much more than the film itself and had one of the most enjoyable nights at the cinema in many years.

I can’t recommend this highly enough but advise you to book your ticket now as there’s a good chance it’ll sell out all over again – head over to the Cameo website for full details.


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