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Music Review: Sharleen Spiteri, 25 January, Edinburgh Playhouse

26 Jan

This isn’t so much a review as a glorified link to another review by me in today’s Edinburgh Evening News of Sharleen Spiteri’s concert at Edinburgh’s Playhouse last night.

It was a great night out, Sharleen was on top form and there was a very retro vibe about the whole thing. If you’d like to know more, please head over to my review in the paper.

And if that doesn’t interest you, why not have a read of my Manufacturing Consent review instead.

No particular reason why, it’s just well worth watching.


Music Review: Evening News Battle of the Bands, 6 December, Picture House, Edinburgh

8 Dec

The Edinburgh Evening News Battle of the Bands Competition took place on Saturday at the new Picture House venue on Lothian Road – my review for the Evening News is now up on their website.

Music Review: Rodent Emporium and Punch and the Apostles, 28 August, Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

29 Aug

Last night saw me visit Edinburgh’s Henry’s Cellar Bar to review a couple of young bands for the Evening News.

There seem to be events on most evenings at Henry’s and this was something of a punk night with a few bands playing. I reviewed Rodent Emporium and Punch and the Apostles and thought they both had a lot going for them – please head to the Edinburgh Evening News website for the full review.

Music Review: The Raconteurs, 26 August, Edinburgh Corn Exchange

27 Aug

The first of two music reviews I’m lucky enough to be doing for the Edinburgh Evening News this week, I was at the Raconteurs gig at the city’s Corn Exchange last night.

It was a well attended show and while nobody seemed to be to put out there was a slight lack of atmosphere at points.

Hopefully I got the message across OK in the review, please take a look at the Evening News website for the full version.

Music Review: The Other Other Hand, 7 – 8 August, Music Box, Edinburgh

10 Aug

It’s easy to listen to traditional music in popular culture, buying into the story set out by the composer without too much thought to the music that supports and emotes the tale.

The Other Other Hand encourages the viewer to think about what they are listening to, and in parts, educates the listener to various musical techniques including an on-screen lesson in Romantic chord progressions.

Each part of the show is introduced on screen, with a title and an occasional explanation of what you are about to see and hear. The show opens with some random elements, the performers seeming to wander around with no real purpose or sense of direction. However, this is testament to the acting abilities of the team and before long the audience are introduced to The Long Stand.

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Music Review, Carol Laula, 24 July, The Jam House, Edinburgh

26 Jul

Scotland has topped a recent poll for producing some of the most successful artists of recent times. Paisley-born singer Carol Laula, performing on Thursday at Edinburgh’s Jam House Carol, is a talent that adds to the singer-song writing stock emanating from the West of Scotland.

Laula is frequently compared to Joan Armatrading and Joni Mitchell, her own website freely makes this comparison. However, although there are similarities in composition style, there are many other influences in her music.

There’s a distinct country music feel to many of her songs as well as a hint of Scottish Traditional or Folk music. “What’s Wrong with Dreaming”, “Whispering Hurricane” and “In a Dream”, are all song titles that are slightly whimsical, seemingly relating to the softer, airy and pensive side of life.

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Music Review: Carol Laula, 24 July, The Jam House, Edinburgh

25 Jul

Scotland’s very own Carol Laula was in town last night to perform at The Jam House. I was there for the local paper and thought it was a good show, let down by the size of the venue:

“It’s probable that had Laula been on the same level, height-wise, as the audience, her ebullient sense of humour would have been given more free rein as the night progressed. Yet, songs such as the simple-yet-classic Just for You and the melancholy Amelia – with a rendition that highlighted her vocal similarities to Joni Mitchell – were evidence that the singer was thoroughly enjoying herself.”

The review is now up on the Evening News website.