Music Review: The Other Other Hand, 7 – 8 August, Music Box, Edinburgh

10 Aug

It’s easy to listen to traditional music in popular culture, buying into the story set out by the composer without too much thought to the music that supports and emotes the tale.

The Other Other Hand encourages the viewer to think about what they are listening to, and in parts, educates the listener to various musical techniques including an on-screen lesson in Romantic chord progressions.

Each part of the show is introduced on screen, with a title and an occasional explanation of what you are about to see and hear. The show opens with some random elements, the performers seeming to wander around with no real purpose or sense of direction. However, this is testament to the acting abilities of the team and before long the audience are introduced to The Long Stand.

The long stand is named because that is exactly what the performers do, the equivalent of asking a student to go and buy a tin of tartan paint. This gives any viewer the idea of what they are about to witness.

Throughout the shows 1h15 minutes the viewer is guided through a perfectly executed mix of performing art, precision musical skill from all six on stage performers and comic trimmings that could keep even the most reluctant viewer amused.

Review by Gillian Jones


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