Theatre Preview: Summer On Stage 2010, 23 & 24 July, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

7 Jul

The Lyceum Youth Theatre returns to the Lyceum stage on 23 and 24 July as part of Summer on Stage, with a double bill of contrasting pieces: A Vampire Story by Moira Buffini and The Musicians by Patrick Marber.

In A Vampire Story by Moira Buffini, directed by Steve Mann, two young women who travel to a small British town they don’t state their ages or names, are they sisters? Or are they vampires? Or just two lost girls and very much human?

In Patrick Marber’s The Musicians, directed by Xana Marwick, the Ridley Rd school orchestra has travelled to Russia to give Tchaikovsky’s Forth Symphony to an invited audience of the great and good only one problem….they have no instruments but when you have Alex and Alexi The Who and a broom these problems soon disappear. A warm play that shows you that Rock n Roll is truly the answer to all life’s problems.

For the past decade the Lyceum Theatre has devoted summer stage time to its Youth Theatre allowing young theatre makers the opportunity to experience an authentic professional theatre experience which will culminate in a two night run on the Lyceum stage, with A Vampire Story on 23 July and The Musicians on 24 July, both starting at 7.30pm.

Keep an eye on the Lyceum website for full details.


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