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Film Preview: The Return of The Room, 27 March, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

11 Mar

The Room

It’s back. It’s the film they should have tried to ban, one so bad that cinema audiences  have been known to stage mass walk outs while those that remain wish they’d stayed at home. Yes, The Room returns to Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema on Saturday 27 March, and you really should be there.

As Ross Maclean wrote last month, “to call The Room bad is to do it a disservice. It transcends ‘bad’ to become an all-encompassing onslaught of ridiculous scripting, woeful acting, cringe-inducing sex scenes, frequent non-sequiturs, bad dubbing and over-earnest melodrama.” And he’s seen it five times.

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Film Preview: Girls on Film, 10 – 14 March, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

2 Mar

Girls on Film

Females in contemporary Japanese Cinema
 are the subject of Girls on Film, an upcoming season at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse cinema, running from Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14 March.

As the cineam’s website notes, following last year’s Reality Fiction: Japanese Films Inspired by Actual Events season, this year’s Japan Foundation annual touring film programme looks at contemporary Japanese cinema made for, about, and in some cases by, women.

Women have continuously been at the centre of Japanese cinema, with notable examples being films by Kenji Mizoguchi and Mikio Naruse, and even the animation works of Hayao Miyazaki. In the world of Japanese cinema, female characters embrace “more dramatic possibilities” since they have ìmuch stronger feelings than menî as Shochiku company president, Shiro Kido, once described.

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Film Preview: Dirty Oil plus Satellite Q + A, 15 March, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

2 Mar

Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema will have a special screening of new environmental documentary Dirty Oil on Monday 15 March, accompanied by a live panel discussion beamed in by satellite.

Building on the current appetite for environmental films examining issues around natural resources and pollution, Dirty Oil takes viewers deep behind the scenes into the strip-mined world of Alberta, Canada, where the vast and toxic Tar Sands deposit supplies the U.S. with the majority of its oil.

Through the eyes of scientists, ‘big oil’ officials, politicians, doctors, environmentalists and aboriginal citizens directly affected by ‘the largest industrial project on the planet today’, the filmmakers journey to both sides of the border to see the irreversible toll this ‘black gold rush’, fuelled by America’s addiction to oil, is taking on our planet.

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Film Preview: Once Upon a Time in the West, 27 March, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

26 Feb

I’m not entirely sure why this is being screened for one night only at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse (a new print perhaps?), but the chance to see Sergio Leone’s 1968 Western, Once Upon a Time in the West, is one to be grabbed.

From its tense opening moments which take place at a railway station through to its violent shoot-outs, it’s a film with a superb cast – Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Jason Robards – and gorgeous soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, the film was made to be seen on the big screen.

Find out more over on the Filmhouse website.

Film Preview: Burlesque Undressed, 25 February, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

23 Feb

Burlesque Undressed

Some glitz and spectacle is coming to Edinburgh this Thursday, 25 February, as Europe’s queen of burlesque, Immodesty Blaize, brings her new film Burlesque Undressed to town.

The film is described as “a lavish and dazzling journey right into the heart of the art-form, featuring a compelling mix of live performance, interviews from burlesque stars past and present, captivating music and all-round show-stopping entertainment.”

I recently caught a screening of the film and found it quite enlightening, the decision to focus on performers past and present offering a history of the art of burlesque.

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Film Event: The Room, 20 February, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

12 Feb

Image courtesy The Room UK

Updated 15 February: enter the Twitter giveaway for two tickets to The Room

As Edinburgh prepares to host yet another cult film event, Ross Maclean steps into The Room…

The history of cinema is littered with self-financed personal projects and noble failures. When producer/writer/director/actor Tommy Wiseau plunged an alleged $7m into funding his debut feature, who knew it would be so awful? Or so enduringly popular?

To call The Room bad is to do it a disservice. It transcends ‘bad’ to become an all-encompassing onslaught of ridiculous scripting, woeful acting, cringe-inducing sex scenes, frequent non-sequiturs, bad dubbing and over-earnest melodrama.

Nominally a relationship drama, Wiseau himself plays Johnny, a gentle soul, betrayed by his girlfriend and best friend. If you’ve never seen or heard Wiseau, picture the result of a failed intensive breeding program between Sylvester Stallone and a Na’vi, with an indefinable accent approximating a tranquilised Arnie, dressed like a guest at a goth wedding.

It’s not hard to see why Tommy has gained a cult following – here’s a sample of what to expect:

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Film Preview: Reichenbach Falls, 25 February, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

9 Feb
Reichenbach Falls

Image courtesy Filmhouse

Shown a few years back on the UK’s finest television station, BBC Four, Reichenbach Falls was heavily promoted at the time as being developed from an original idea by author Ian Rankin but written by James Mayor.

Now the 75-minute film is about to get a cinema screening on Thursday 25 February, courtesy of Edinburgh’s Filmhouse cinema as part of their occasional Made in Edinburgh season.

The story revolves around Edinburgh copper Jim Buchan (Alex Newman) who’s on the hunt for his arch enemy The Monkey, while still hoping he can reconcile with his ex-wife (Laura Fraser) who is now in love with Buchan ex-best friend Jack Harvey (Alistair Mackenzie).

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