Twitter giveaway: 2 tickets to The Room at The Cameo cinema

15 Feb

Updated 17 February: this giveaway is now closed

Following our preview of this Saturday’s one-off screening of über-cult movie The Room at Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema, you now have a chance to receive two free tickets to witness “the world’s best worst film”.

Released in 2003 by writer/director/producer and actor Tommy Wiseau, The Room cost $6 million to make and centres on Johnny (Wiseau) whose girlfriend is cheating on him with best friend, Mark.

After that the details get a little shaky.  Subplots appear and disappear for no reason (most notably the revelation from one character that she’s suffering from cancer, only for the subject never to be mentioned again); dodgy green screen work depicts a very fake San Francisco; and one actor falls over playing football and vanishes for the rest of the movie.

Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema will host Scotland’s first screening of the movie on Saturday 20 February at 11pm and they’re kindly offering two free tickets via this blog.

To enter you need to be on Twitter and just follow these instructions:

  1. Head on over to Twitter and follow me @jon_melville
  2. Tweet the following link – – and include both the words The Room and @jon_melville in your tweet
  3. I’ll pick one tweet at random after the closing date of midday on Wednesday 17 February and that person can pick up two tickets on Saturday night from the Cameo cinema

According to the Cameo tickets are going fast for this screening so if you’re not lucky there’ll still be time to buy yours from them direct.

Good luck!


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