Film Preview: Nosferatu with live score, 21 February, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

22 Jan


As I mentioned briefly late last year in the Edinburgh Evening News, I was lucky enough to catch a performance of David Allison’s brilliant reworking of FW Murnau’s 1922 horror classic, Nosferatu – now you can too as it comes to Edinburgh’s Filmhouse on Sunday 21 February.

Allison has added his own score to the film, sitting underneath or beside the screen with an assortment of instruments and playing them live to the picture. He also throws in some sound effects and overlays the ‘voice’ of long deceased Scotswoman Emily Gerard, the person who it is thought coined the term Nosferatu in the west.

Here’s a clip to illustrate what happens on the night:

The film itself is a rough retelling of the Dracula story, names changed to protect the filmmakers from being sued by Bram Stoker’s estate.

I had a fantastic night watching Nosferatu for the first time, Allison’s score adding both a classical feel and a modern edge to the picture, the score reminiscent of Bear McCreary’s music for the new Battlestar Galactica.

I’d urge all fans of silent films and great music to buy a ticket for this very rare screening, more information now up on the Filmhouse website.

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