Film Preview: Ways of Viewing, 26 November, CCA Glasgow

16 Nov

Magic Lantern

Scotland’s leading short film curator The Magic Lantern celebrates short film as both the origin and future of cinema, viewing the short form as a unique platform for innovative, experimental and rule-breaking filmmaking.

Ways of Viewing: The Wooden Lightbox and The Audible Picture Show (CCA Glasgow, Thursday 26 November) draws from turn of the century cinematic prototypes and long forgotten ideas surrounding the moving image and its early promise.

At the core of this approach is the use of a homebuilt projector to present a striking array of handmade and processed emulsion. Hypnosis, panorama, motion studies, expectation, magic, the dreamworld and sleight of eye conspire in this intimate and immersive framework.

Canadian artist Alex Mackenzie and Edinburgh-based filmmaker Matt Hulse will perform live with a hand-cranked 16mm projector built and assembled from various relic projector parts and framed in a wooden box.

Ten chapters are presented over the course of four reels. Film speed is varied manually by cranking more quickly or more slowly, while direction of the action is controlled by winding forward and backward.

The Wooden Lightbox is an ongoing work-inprogress, an assembly of images entirely hand-processed.

Visit the CCA Glasgow website for full details.


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