Film Preview: Reichenbach Falls, 25 February, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

9 Feb
Reichenbach Falls

Image courtesy Filmhouse

Shown a few years back on the UK’s finest television station, BBC Four, Reichenbach Falls was heavily promoted at the time as being developed from an original idea by author Ian Rankin but written by James Mayor.

Now the 75-minute film is about to get a cinema screening on Thursday 25 February, courtesy of Edinburgh’s Filmhouse cinema as part of their occasional Made in Edinburgh season.

The story revolves around Edinburgh copper Jim Buchan (Alex Newman) who’s on the hunt for his arch enemy The Monkey, while still hoping he can reconcile with his ex-wife (Laura Fraser) who is now in love with Buchan ex-best friend Jack Harvey (Alistair Mackenzie).

Add to all that an appearance from Richard Wilson as the ghostly Arthur alongside some intertextual goings on which need to be seen to be (vaguely) understood, and you’ve got a high concept piece of drama which fits in well with the rest of the Filmhouse’s screenings.

Filmed around Edinburgh, the city looks lovely, if a little grim. The plot itself just about holds together and though the film does look like it was made on a tight budget, and I can’t take Alistair Mackenzie seriously in anything he’s in, I’ve watched my DVD copy at least three times in the last few years so it must have done something right.

There’s a nice article over on The Scotsman website written at the time of the film’s original screening which fills in a bit more of the background to the production.

Head over to the Filmhouse website for full booking details.


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