Film Preview: Outer Limits Season, 3 – 24 August, Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

21 Jul

Already well known for screening films that are on the fringes of the mainstream – their recent Fiendish Friday’s season being a good example of movies that you won’t see at your local multiplex anytime soon – Edinburgh’s Cameo have now unveiled details of their August Outer Limits season.

I’ll mention them all briefly here and do some more in-depth digging around for full details in separate posts, but here’s what’s coming your way soon:

  • Hardware plus Q&A with writer/director Richard Stanley – Sunday 3 August
  • I Drink your Blood – Wednesday 6 August
  • Thundercrack – Tuesday 12 August
  • Phase IV – Thursday 14 August
  • Last House on a Dead End Street – Tuesday 19 August
  • The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave – Thursday 21 August

Each film will start at 11pm in Screen One and will have a special introduction.

Out of that lot I’ve only seen Phase IV, an unsettling little film from director Saul Bass, better known as the title designer for many of Alfred Hitchock’s films.It stars British actor Nigel Davenport and lots and lots of ants.

Here’s a look at various TV spots for the film from YouTube:

More details will appear on the Cameo website soon.


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