Film Review: Gomorrah, on limited release

1 Oct

Descend into the depths of the “Camorra”, aka the Mafia, and see a side Italy’s underworld that has not yet been shown in director Matteo Garone’s Gomorrah.  Based on Robert Saviano’s international bestseller on the violent and unforgiving mafia networks that run Naples, the documentary/film depicts the lives of different characters that are involved in a life of crime, retribution killings, illegal dumping, knock-off fashion wear and drugs.

Garone uses a multi-story technique to good effect by exploiting our initial struggle to see how the characters are involved with the Camorra to reflect the confusion and chaos that their activities cause within their community.

Its unhinged and warring gangs, unlike the single-structured and better known Sicilian Mafia, showcase their machismo and greed to devastating effects.

The film gives us a true and harrowing insight as to what it means to be living under the shadow of an organisation where betrayal and death are the only things they can be sure of.

Review by Atholl Simpson

Gomorrah at Edinburgh’s Cameo, on Sunday October 5

Gomorrah at Glasgow’s GFT, from October 10


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