Film Preview: The 39 Steps, 11 – 17 April, Filmhouse

10 Apr

The 39 Steps

Anyone who’s read this blog a few times (is that you? Leave a comment and let me know!) knows I love my films, and classics in particular. So I’m very pleased to say that another one is on its way to the Edinburgh Filmhouse – Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps is screening from Friday 11 till Thursday 17.

Following the stunning version of The Lady Vanishes that I reviewed the other month (I’ve since ordered the pricey-yet-vital Criterion DVD set so I can watch it whenever I want), Glasgow’s Park Circus are bringing another fine black and white beauty to our screens.

For those who haven’t seen it, The 39 Steps follows Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) as he flees London after a particularly stressful night. Heading to Scotland by train, Hannay becomes embroiled in a mystery involving spies, bread knives and beautiful women while the plot twists around him.

Voted fourth best British film ever in the BFI’s 1999 poll (my personal favourite, The Third Man, came first), this is another chance to support the screening of classic movies in Edinburgh – the more of us that go to see this, the more we’ll hopefully get!

In the meantime, here’s Phil Jupitus’ version of the movie in a short film from the BBC:

The 39 Steps is on at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse from Friday 11 till Thursday 17 April – visit the website for full details.

Photo courtesy Filmhouse.


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