Theatre Preview: Every One, 19 March – 10 April, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

20 Mar
Every One

Photo by Tim Morozzo

Coming to Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum theatre from 19 March – 10 April,  Every One is described as “a beautiful and poetic look at how ordinary people deal with extraordinary tragedy”.

An everyday family, Joe, Mary, Kevin and Mazz, are at the centre of this tale. They are somehow aware their lives are being witnessed by a theatre full of people. But with nothing to mark them out as particularly unusual they are slightly puzzled by the attention.

All of this changes when Death comes calling.

Plunged suddenly into a situation where the things they considered ‘real’ can no longer be relied upon, Joe, Mary, Kevin and Mazz must reassess their lives.

Their different perspectives on life and on what it means to ‘live’ are altered forever- and the things that really matter are made painfully clear.

Mark Thomson (Confessions of a Justified Sinner, Curse of the Starving Class) directs, with a cast that includes Kathryn Howden (All My Sons) and Liam Brennan (Macbeth).

Head to the Lyceum website for more details.


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