Giveaway: M and There’s Always Tomorrow Blu-rays and DVDs

24 Feb


Update 1 March 2010: This giveaway has now ended

This week sees the release of two classic films from Masters of Cinema that demand the attention of cinephiles everywhere: Fritz Lang’s 1931 thriller M and Douglas Sirk’s 1956 drama There’s Always Tomorrow: and I’ve got copies of each to give away on the blog.

M (which stands for murderer) takes place in a Berlin where the residents fear for the safety of their children following attacks by a serial paedophile, Hans Beckert (Peter Lorre). As Beckert plans his next murder, police inspector Karl Lohmann is on his trail, not to mention the criminal underworld sickened by Beckert’s actions.

Lang’s film takes many different plot threads: Beckert’s evasion of the police; the police hunt; the search by the criminal underworld for a man who has broken their code; and the pain of the parents losing their children one-by-one, and weaves them into a rich tapestry of dark musings and complex morals.

In There’s Always Tomorrow, doting father and husband Clifford Groves (Fred MacMurray) may have done everything for his wife, Marion (Joan Bennett) and two-point-five children, but when he returns home from work each evening it’s to a family who ignore him. A chance encounter with ex-colleague Norma Miller (Barbra Stanwyck) leads to a blossoming friendship that seems much more rewarding than his home life.

Both MacMurray and Stanwyck provide strong central performances, MacMurray excellent as the husband and father with good intentions swayed by the simple need to feel cared for. His scenes with Stanwyck are tender and believable, her character unlike the usual  bunny boiler we expect from films without this one’s pedigree.

Thanks to Masters of Cinema I have two sets of prizes to be one: one copy of M on Blu-ray and one of There’s Always Tomorrow on DVD for two people.

To be in with a chance to win just answer the following question:

Who plays Hans Beckert in M?

  • Simply enter your response in the comments section below by midday on Monday 1 March and leave your email address so I can contact you should you win
  • Two winners will be randomly selected and each will win a copy of M on Blu-ray and There’s Always Tomorrow on DVD
  • Sorry, but you do need to live in the UK to be eligible to win
  • Please note that your details won’t be published on the blog and I’ll delete your response/email address after the closing date

Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for future competitions – good luck!

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