Theatre Preview: The Price, 15 January – 13 February, Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

3 Jan

The Price

Update 17 January: Read the review of The Price

If 2009 was a bumpy year for Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre – and judging by the reviews and comments on this blog and around the net for their “interesting” adaptations of well-known plays it certainly was – 2010 looks to be starting a bit more sedately with The Price (Fri 15 January – Sat 13 February).

In Arthur Miller’s play, described by the New York Times as ranking alongside “if not above, Death of a Salesman”, Victor (Greg Powrie) and Walter (Aden Gillet) are estranged brothers, called upon to sort through the belongings of their long-dead father. Victor is weary and defeated, his brother happy and successful.

The paths of their lives split because of one crucial decision made in their past – a decision which will come back to haunt them both, bringing long-held resentments to the surface and exposing painful truths.

Said to be “pithy, funny and deeply moving”, the new trailer tells us a bit more about the production:

You can also watch the Lyceum’s Artistic Director Mark Thompson discuss The Price in this short clip:

The Curtain Raiser for The Price will be held on Tuesday 19 January at 6pm, with Dr Keith Hughes from the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh as Guest Speaker.

As ever, full booking information and prices can be found on the Royal Lyceum website.

Image copyright Tim Morozzo.


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