Theatre Preview: The Beggar’s Opera, 12 September – 3 October, Royal Lyceum, Edinurgh

1 Sep

UPDATED: A review of The Beggar’s Opera is now online

The Edinburgh Fringe may be over but theatre lovers can rest easy: the Autumn theatre season is about to start again and the Lyceum are back with their first new play, The Beggar’s Opera (Saturday 12 September – Saturday 3 October).

The future’s here. It’s a brave new world, but wherever there’s a world there’s an underworld: muggers, smugglers, prostitutes, thieves. Nobody plays by the rules, least of all MacHeath – bandit, hedonist, superhero to some, villain to others.

Among imitators and wannabes, he’s the genuine article. But where he goes, trouble is sure to follow.

MacHeath has married Polly Peachum. But he fancies Lucy Lockit. Lucy Lockit fancies MacHeath, but Polly doesn’t want to share. Mr Peachum wants MacHeath’s head, and so does Mr Lockit. And so does the law.

With so many enemies, it’s hard to tell who your friends are.

The trailer gives a bit more of a feel of what we can expect:

Described as “dark, seedy and cruelly comic”, this futuristic tale is actually based on an 18th Century novel by John Gay and looks like a bit of a departure for the theatre.

Tickets are available online from the Lyceum website and I’ll hopefully have a review on here soon after the run starts.

Read the review of The Beggar’s Opera


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