Fringe Review: The Garden

1 Sep


As part of the Festival at the Traverse, a range of established writers produced work for The World is Too Much, the title based on an extract from a Wordsworth poem.

Unusually, the play began at 9am and breakfast was included in the price of the ticket. It was a rare scene to see Edinburgh’s finest tucking into sausage and egg rolls, an unlikely canapé!

Zinnie Harris is a very successful writer who has written for TV series such as Spooks and worked with a range of theatre companies.

She has crafted a beautiful play where the lives of two people unfold delicately in front of the (still digesting!) audience.

Intimately written, the dialogue reveals a relationship marred with issues that gradually choke the love between them. Simplicity is the key to the success of the play and through heart felt dialogue the two actors expertly deliver the twists and turns.

It centres around their flat where a plant has grown under the linoleum. The symbolic plant turns out to be an apple tree that manages to thrive in the hardiest of circumstances. Green shoots of growth are rare in a relationship that has decayed, yet the plant seems to bring to a catalyst the story of the two, Mac and Jane.

The Traverse Two is a perfect venue for such richly written performances and both actors rose to the challenge of maintaining the intensity of the writing. This is exactly what good playwriting should look like, clean and crisp.

Let the dialogue do the talking.

Grant Gillies


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