Edinburgh Fringe Review: The Overcoat

25 Aug


Similar to the titular overcoat suspended above the audience of the Pleasance Grand for the duration of the production, you should hang any preconceptions at the door as you settle down to watch Amit Lahav’s impressive retelling of Gogol’s 1842 short story.

With an attention to detail verging on the obsessive, the world of factory clerk Akaky Akakievich, a man residing in an unnamed Russian city who hand copies documents for a living, is presented to the audience as a dark, foreboding place where reality is just an aspect of dreams.

As Akaky moves through this world the audience is soon left to their own devices, the lack of English dialogue combined with a number of dance routines ensuring the plot becomes less important as the play goes on.

Stylised set design, exquisite choreography and stunning visuals – you’ll believe a man can walk vertically down a wall! –  combine to leave lasting images in the memory of the viewer, each one no doubt drawing their own conclusions from one of the most impressive shows around this Fringe.

The Overcoat, Pleasance Grand, 5.20pm, until 29 August, £14

This review first published on pinkpaper.com


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