Edinburgh Fringe Review: Hangover

9 Aug

David Elliot in Hangover

David Elliot in Hangover


As someone once said, clichés only become clichés because they’re true. In the case of modern Scottish theatre there are some elements which can be relied upon to be wheeled out to signify that they’re both modern and gritty – see if you can spot them in the synopsis for new play Hangover:

Danny is a drink-sodden, foul mouthed wide boy with little regard for the opposite sex who would rather spend a night on the town with his latest floozy than his estranged son.

Recovering from a booze-laden night out, Danny wakes to find his memory more than a little hazy, his car in a bad state and his friend intent on him remembering his actions.

Written by and starring David Elliot as Danny, Hangover may embrace the clichés of the alcohol loving Scotsman but the skill of the piece is its ability to merely use them as the set-up to an intriguing look at the repercussions of what can happen when you deny responsibility for your own actions.

Elliot looks suitably haggard throughout from one-too-may cans of beer, his week-old stubble and tawdry bed-sit giving his world a dank, lived-in look.

Co-star Stuart Nicoll also impresses, particularly during his centre stage scenes with the shambolic Danny – simple direction sees the pair interact well and effectively as the drama intensifies.

Though its run time may be short, Hangover is packed with incident and plot, a thoughtful piece of theatre that will by its shocking end leave you, quite literally, hanging on Elliot’s every word.

Zoo Venue, 140 The Pleasance, 4.10 daily, 7 – 31 August, £7

Visit the Hangover website.

Watch the Hangover trailer:


One Response to “Edinburgh Fringe Review: Hangover”

  1. Andy 25 August, 2009 at 11:48 am #

    liked this very much, really gripping!
    Well Done to all involved!

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