TV News: In Treatment Season Three

25 Jun

Little known here in the UK but huge over in America, HBO’s half-hour drama In Treatment is starting to get a bit of a reputation as the next “must-watch” show. This week I spoke to series creator Hagai Levi at the 2009 Edinburgh International Film Festival and he dropped hints about the mooted third season.

Each episode of In Treatment focuses on one psychotherapy session held by Dr Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne). The series is stripped over a week, with Monday following one patient’s treatment, Tuesday another patient and so on through the days until Friday’s episode covers Weston’s own visits to his therapist to discuss the traumas of his week.

The next week we go back to Monday’s patient on the first day of the week and the cycle repeats itself.

If it sounds confusing then it isn’t, though it does offer a new take on TV drama and demands a loyalty from viewers perhaps more used to dipping their toe into a drama and returning for the odd hit.

In Treatment began life in Israel when creator Hagai Levi decided he wanted to make a drama with a bit more intelligence for him and his friends to enjoy. Psychotherapy doesn’t have the same stigma as it does elsewhere in the world and Levi feels the sessions are a way of life for him now.

While I’ve only seen the first five episodes of season one, I’ve now managed to get a hold of the boxset and plan to devour them during July. I’ll also be running my full interview with Levi very soon, though I thought I’d mention now his thoughts for the possible third season which HBO are due to decide upon “any day now”.

Rather than focus on a handful of patients each season, as has happened up till now, Levi is tempted to play with the format.

“I didn’t make a third season in Israel and thought I’d had enough of the subject. But now, a year on, I have an idea for a third season that would be more of a spin-off,” says Levi. “It would follow one patient through his whole life. I’ll know any day now if the studio want to make it.”

So there you go, not content with just following the same path over multiple seasons, Levi wants to keep challenging himself and his viewers. There was no mention whether Byrne would remain a part of the cast, but here’s hoping he at least gets a few cameos as it progresses.

Within the UK, In Treatment can currently only be bought as a Region 1 DVD import.

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