Film News: Corman and Dante team up for online horror

25 Jun

Last night, as part of the 2009 Edinburgh International Film Festival, low-budget/high-concept movie legend Roger Corman took part in a talk covering his career at the city’s Cineworld cinema.

While Corman made for a fascinating interviewee, someone who seems to be a genuinely decent guy in a business known for it’s cut throat nature, he dropped some new information into the discussion about his future plans, which I first wrote about over in my Reel Time blog for the Edinburgh Evening News.

As director Joe Dante slipped quietly into the auditorium to hear the last 45 minutes of the talk, Corman mentioned that the pair are soon to start work on a new project after being approached by US online DVD rental and streaming company Netflix (similar to the UK’s Lovefilm).

Netflix have asked Corman and Dante to film a 7-minute short horror film which will be streamed on the website on Halloween. Viewers will then be asked to vote for the two characters they’d most like to see killed off in the second film.

Once the vote is in, between 24-48 hours later, Corman and Dante will write, shoot and edit part two for streaming just seven days after the first part.

The process will then be repeated once more for the third segment of the “trilogy”.

Corman seemed excited by the idea of working with his old friend Dante and it will be interesting to hear how the plan progresses, hopefully straight from Dante himself who appears at the festival tonight in his own interview.


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