DVD Review: The Machine Girl

18 May


Opening with the sight of a group of bullies about to carry out their latest act of terror on an innocent schoolmate, only to be interrupted by Ami (Minase Yashiro), a young girl with a machine gun for an arm wreaking destruction upon them, The Machine Girl starts as it means to go on.

Hailing from the same creative team behind cult Japanese favourite Tokyo Gore Police, The Machine Girl wastes no time in filling us in on Ami’s back story. What little story there is is barely worth covering in much detail, suffice to say it involves more violence and a lot (make that A LOT) of blood.

There’s nothing subtle about this film, and also very little that feels overly professional. Combatants in one early fight scene barely make an effort to throw a punch while some of the acting is less convincing than the severed limbs on show.

Still, this isn’t meant to be taken seriously and once you get past the fact that the film’s makers are trying to have fun it’s only a matter of time before you brace yourself for the next attempt on Ami’s life which will surely result in something nasty happening to her attackers.

The film’s FX are to be applauded, CGI used to enhance many of the more ridiculous deaths as bodies split in two and holes appear in the centre of another’s stomach.

Although The Machine Girl isn’t for the faint-hearted it isn’t quite the horrific video nasty it perhaps thinks it is and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Promising to be the first in a new series following Machine Girl’s adventures – a direct to DVD sequel has already been released with a different lead character – this deserves the attention of splatter fans who want something a bit different from the norm.


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