DVD News: The Majestics return as Tutti Frutti comes to DVD

30 Apr

Update 1 July: The date for this DVD release has now been moved to 3 August, dates changed in the story accordingly.

Tutti Frutti, one of the finest TV series to come out of BBC Scotland – and the BBC in general – is finally getting the DVD release it deserves in June August 2009.

Written by John Byrne, Tutti Frutti stars Robbie Coltrane as Danny McGlone, identical twin brother to the recently deceased Big Jazza McGlone, who comes back to Scotland after a self-imposed exile for his brother’s funeral.

Big Jazza, lead singer with Scottish rock band The Majestics, was planning to tour with the group on their 1986 Silver Jubilee tour, his death causing major problems to their ambitions.

Danny’s return sparks renewed interest in a tour, while his own interests in Suzi Kettles (Emma Thompson) means he’s keen to hang around at least a little while longer.

Winning six BAFTAs in 1988, and only repeated once, the series has gained an almost mythical status with those who remember it from the first time around, and curiosity from those who have merely read about it.

In an interview with one of the series stars, Ron Donachie, on this site early last year, the actor pondered on the lack of a DVD release for the series:

“I can’t think of any other series that’s got a double Oscar winner [Emma Thompson], two guys that have won about a dozen BAFTA’s between them [Thompson and Robbie Coltrane] and won about six BAFTA’s itself and has never been shown again.

For years they’ve suggested it was one of the actors blocking it, but why would we do that? We’d be cutting out own throats.”

For more on the series, head over to my Ron Donachie interview.

Due for release on 29 June 3 August from 2entertain Ltd, the recommended retail price is £24.46.


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