DVD Review: Australia

27 Apr


Big, bold and beautiful, Australia the film shares many attributes with the country from which it steals its name.

Theft is a common theme in the latest Baz Luhrmann epic in which cattle, land and, in the case of the Aboriginal people, an entire Stolen Generation, are all forcibly taken by the white man.

Nicole Kidman’s straight-laced Lady Sarah is deposited in the Northern Territories and forced into the path of Hugh Jackman’s rugged Drover as she tries to maintain ownership of the Faraway Downs in this rip-roaring film which is part fairy tale and part social commentary.

Although it’s two-and-three-quarter-hour run time may have been offputting at the cinema, booting this up on a decent home cinema makes for a fun night’s entertainment, the odd pause to make a cuppa meaning the boredom rarely sets in.

With Luhrmann’s trademark visuals and a cast who never take themselves too seriously, this is an audacious epic that will linger in the memory for a long time.


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