Film Preview: The Third Man, 7 May, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

26 Apr

My favourite film of all time is coming back to the Filmhouse in a few weeks and I’d urge anyone who hasn’t been lucky enough to see it to do so: The Third Man screens on Thursday 7 May at 6pm, and cinema doesn’t get much better than this.

Released in 1949, The Third Man is a tale of love, intrigue and betrayal in war-torn Vienna, where nobody is who they seem and where the city itself is almost as important a character as any of the humans involved.

I wrote a short review of the film back in 2007, and still think it’s a must-see for anyone who loves cinema.

The fantastic book, In Search of the Third Man, has a great story in it about the opening of the film in Edinburgh in 1951, when punters queued outside what is now the Odeon on Lothian Road in the snow for hours, only to have the screening delayed by the projectionist.

The audience began humming the thenn infamous theme tune until the film started up,

Go see it and tell me afterwards what you thought.

Visit the Filmhouse website for full details.


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