Theatre Preview: Copenhagen, 17 April – 9 May, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

28 Mar

The final production in Edinburgh Royal Lyceum’s 2008/2009 season is Michael Frayn’s intense Copenhagen, running from Friday 17 April until Saturday 9 May.

In Copenhagen, the actions of German physicist Werner Heisenberg in 1941 are pored over and intensely questioned. Frayn’s piece is a fictional exploration of Heisenberg’s real-life meeting with his old friend and mentor Nils Bohr, and the huge significance it may have held for the entire world.

Years after the event, their ghosts debate the true meaning of the encounter, and try to understand exactly what happened that night.

The ill-fated meeting splintered their friendship and provoked decades of speculation and debate. Having laid down the guiding principles of quantum physics in the 1920s, the two then found themselves on opposite sides in the Second World War.

Led by Heisenberg, German science rushed to develop a nuclear capability – both to generate power and to create a bomb. But were Heisenberg’s motives so clear cut? Did he really want to put the atom bomb in Hitler’s grasp? And if so, why did he come to Copenhagen and consult so freely with his half-Jewish teacher and colleague?

Lyceum Associate Director Tony Cownie (Mary Rose, Trumpets and Raspberries, Vanity Fair) brings an impressive cast to Edinburgh, including  Tom Mannion, Owen Oakeshott and Sally Edwards.

Visit the Lyceum website for more information.


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