Film Review: Future Shorts February/March 2009

1 Mar

One of the only ways to see new short films on the big screen around the UK, Future Shorts returned in February to Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema with a series of nine shorts based around the theme of Dances with Love, a look at love and sex in all its twisted forms.

Starting with a sample of typical Jeff Keen madness in Marvo Movie, the programme continued with some varied films: Top Girl, focussing on a young wannabe female rapper who makes a faux pas when trying to ingratiate herself with her peers; Little Minx Exquisite Corpse, all about a little girl in a world of imagination; Lies, a highly original, animation and live action mix of stories centring on, you guessed it, lies; Sophie, in which a woman confronts her boyfriend about his past; Wrestling, a touching tale of two male wrestlers who get a bit too close for comfort; Where Is My Romeo, where a series of women watch Romeo and Juliet; Magic Paris, the tale of a woman who meets her perfect man then loses him; Happiness, a Goldfrapp video and finally Zhanxiou Village, in which silent films mean something very important to one small boy.

While each film offered up something unique, my favourites of the evening were Lies, Wrestling and Magic Paris. Lies is a gorgeous looking film which managed to squeeze a number of tales into its short running time while Wrestling is funny yet touching in its depiction of the relationship between to ageing men in a small town.

Finally, Magic Paris combined humour, romance and tragedy to give a sympathetic view of a woman’s need for love.

You never know what you’re going to get with Future Shorts, but there’s usually at least one or two gems to be found. This month the standard was extremely high and I’d recommend catching the programme if it comes near you.

Visit the Future Shorts website for the latest news.

Find out more about Future Shorts in this film:


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