Intermission: A Christmas Message

27 Dec

Christmas is a time for rest, recuperation, rejoicing and resolutions. Over here at I’ve been taking it easy over the last week or so, with fewer posts reflecting both what’s happening around Edinburgh (pantos rule OK this month leaving little room for anything non-festive to cover) and also my own plans for the blog.

2009 will see a few changes. I’ll still be covering as many films, both new and old, that are screening around town but I’ll be upping my coverage of some of the bigger pictures being screened. This is for a number of reasons, but one big one in particular…

From Friday 2 January I’ll be writing a new weekly column for the Edinburgh Evening News. The column will cover some similar ground to what’s currently on this site but it does mean that a wider readership deserves a wider range of film coverage.

While I’ll still champion the smaller films trying to make their mark, I’ve always loved to sit down with a tub of popcorn to enjoy a decent Hollywood epic and hope that by mixing things up a bit I can fulfill one of the main aims of the blog: to introduce the blockbuster lovers to the odd Sam Peckinpah retrospective and the Carol Reed admirers to the work of Uwe Boll. OK, maybe not that last one…

Having all the lovely space available to me on this blog means that the snippets I mention in the paper can be elaborated upon here, so a mention that Frost/Nixon is a fine film (which it really is) over there will lead to a full review here. Simple really.

I’ll also still be covering as many theatre productions, both in Edinburgh and around it, as I can. As I live in the city I’m always going to be biased towards what’s happening here but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the odd trip to see what else is happening elsewhere.

And finally I’ll also be covering some of the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases that are released. This means I can follow up reviews of films that I’ve covered on their initial release while also pointing readers in new directions with different films. To start things off I’ll be posting a review next week of one of my favourite films of 2008, The Fall, as it arrives on Blu-ray.

All in all it should be an interesting 2009 around here. I hope a few more people feel like commenting on what is posted – the Local Hero post still holds the record for the most comments – and that you enjoy the changes.

That’s enough blether from me, now start planning your next film or play in 2009!



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