Theatre Preview: The Man Who Had all the Luck, 16 January – 14 February, Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

24 Dec

Man Who Had all the Luck

The Lyceum Theatre’s first production of 2009, running from 16 January – 14 February, will be Arthur Miller’s The Man Who Had all the Luck.

The play centres upon David Beeves, who is seemingly immune to disaster and wonders when his luck will run out. His good fortune seems to highlight the tragedies of those around him as he tries desperately to find justification for his successes. David’s futile quest for a validation of his identity results in a deepening paranoia that questions the existence of God and meaning of life.

Directed by John Dove, the play stars Lyceum favourites Kim Gerard (Mary Rose) and Ron Donachie (Six Characters in Search of an Author) alongside Philip Cumbus as David Beeves.

Full details are up now on the Lyceum website.

Photo copyright Douglas MacBride.

Updated 18 January: Review of The Man Who Had All the Luck

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