Theatre Preview: Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us, 21 – 29 November, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

17 Nov

Following the first plays in the Traverse Theatre’s Debut’s season – Cockroach, The Dogstone and Nasty, Brutish and Short – the final production, Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us arrives on Friday 21 November, running until Saturday 29.

Patrick comes home unexpectedly from the seminary and older brother Johnny’s not slow to tap him for money. Mum is suspicious, Dad seems indifferent, and pissed, and little sister Cath is distracted and medicated. Living on their wits, stalked by violence and death, defending themselves with the blackest humour, Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us is the story of a family under siege.

Paul Higgins has previously worked with the National Theatre of Scotland playing the original role of the sergeant/writer in Black Watch and at the Traverse in the original role of Paul in Damascus.

The play also stars Gary Lewis (Gangs of New York, Billy Elliot and Orphans), Carmen Pieraccini, John Wark and Susan Vidler.

Visit the Traverse website for full details.

Read the itsonitsgone review of Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us.


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