Theatre Preview: Normal, 18 – 22 November, Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh

11 Nov


Edinburgh University Theatre Company are bringing a play back to Edinburgh which premiered in the city in 1991 before taking London by storm. Normal, from Scottish playwrite Anthony Neilson is often shocking and challenging, but always captivating. The production runs from Tuesday 18 – Saturday 22 November at the Bedlam Theatre

Dealing with the case of serial killer, arsonist and rapist Peter Kurten, also known as the ‘Düsseldorf Ripper’, Normal presents the preparation of his defence lawyer, Justus Wehner.

Placed in the historically-charged setting of 1930s Germany, the play opens up the debate on criminal pathology in terms of what society considers as the boundary between normality and insanity. As Wehner attempts to plead Kurten’s case for madness, the audience joins him as he is led deeper and deeper into Kurten’s own psychology with the help of his disturbingly seductive wife, forcing him to question his own strict moral values.

Visit the Bedlam website for full details


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