Film Preview: The Fall, until 6 November, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

1 Nov

The Fall, a film I first mentioned on this blog back in June is finally reaching UK cinemas and I’ll plug it all over again.

Set in a Los Angeles in the days of silent movies, stuntman Roy (Lee Pace) falls from his horse and winds up in a hospital, confined to his bed. There he meets young patient Alexandria (Catinca Untara), a girl with a vivid imagination who Roy chooses to help him relieve his pain and depression by obtaining morphine from hospital stores.

Soon the pair are taking part in an amazing adventure in a distant land, their imaginations helping them escape the confines of the hospital and transporting them to stunning locations and dangerous situations.

In my interview with director Tarsem for The Skinny, he mentioned how critics have been divided by the film, something which he’s happy with – he doesn’t mind if they love it or hate it, just as long as they don’t sit on the fence.

I loved this film first time around and will be interested to see if I like it as much the second time. Certainly Tarsem’s enthusiasm and sheer determination to get the film made impressed me and I’d recommend everyone watches this, whether you like fantasy films or not.

Full screening information is up now on the Filmhouse website.


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