Film Preview: Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2008, 2 – 12 October, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

6 Oct

From Thursday 2 October Edinburgh’s Filhouse will play host to the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. Opening with Mad About Football the ten day event will showcase films which explore the relationship between mental health and creativity. The programme will range from local offering Sweet Sixteen to internationally acclaimed Lars and the Real Girl and Little Miss Sunshine.

A spokesperson for the Filmhouse said, “The event aims to engage audiences and tackle stigma by celebrating the artistic achievements of people with experience of mental health issues, and promoting positive mental health and well being.”

The festival will reach its climax on Sunday 12 October with an Award Ceremony where the nominations of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film 2008 competition will be screened. Entrants from all over the world will be represented by films which take mental health, however losely, as their theme.

Other films to be featured during the festival include In the Valley of Elah, Johnny Cash in San Quentin and Joy Division.

As an added incentive the Filmhouse are running a special ticket deal where you can get a 15% reduction when you see three or more films or a 25% reduction for over six films. Further information can be found at on the Filmhouse website.

Preview by Katie Smyth


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