Theatre Review: Sex and Chocolate, 11 September, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

12 Sep

I was lucky enough be able to watch a great one-woman show at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh last night, in my capacity as occasional reviewer for that esteemed local organ, The Edinburgh Evening News. The play was Sex and Chocolate by Rona Munro and starred Fiona Knowles.

I’ve never been to the Brunton, and haven’t been to Musselburgh itself for many years, but a pretty swift journey on the number 44 bus (it would have been swifter without the multitude of roadworks clogging up the city centre – do the council have no consideration for theatre goers?!) took me virtually to the theatre door.

Although the exterior is a bit severe (1960s architecture perhaps?) the interior is much more inviting, with the auditorium itself quite impressive in size. I was sat to the left of the stage and had an OK view, though the centre is clearly the place to be.

The play tells the story of Jan, a woman on the eve of her 50th birthday who is wondering where her life has gone and what to do next. Always hoping for adventure, she carries her passport with her at all times. Luckily this piece of foresight comes in handy, as a trip to Fife to buy Maltesers soon escalates into a full blown international incident.

Knowles was impressive all the way through, though the first half took a while to get going. With a range of emotions needed, she managed to hit the right tone throughout and it was almost sad to see her go at the end.

My full review is currently up on the Evening News website so please take a visit over there and let me know what you think.


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