Theatre Review: Good Mourning Mrs Brown, 2 September, Playhouse, Edinburgh

4 Sep

The other night I was off along to Edinburgh’s Playhouse theatre to see the latest Mrs Brown play, Good Mourning Mrs Brown. The work of Irish comic Brendan O’Carroll, these plays seem to be something of a cottage industry, with sell out shows across the UK and Ireland – while Edinburgh is only on play two, Liverpool has recently seen play four (out of four).

In the plays O’Carroll plays the titular Mrs Brown, an Irish Mammy with a family who have trouble with relationships and life in general. There’s nothing very deep about the play and not much happens, it’s mainly a chance for O’Carroll to swear a lot and to ad-lib. I most enjoyed the ad-libbing, with some creative nonsense that shows his stand-up routine could be worth catching.

I was there on behalf of the Edinburgh Evening News so my review is over on their site, but if you’re planning to go and see it and don’t have time to head to another site then be aware that the humour is quite broad, reminiscent of an episode of Bread mixed with some Rab C Nesbitt. The (older) audience loved it.


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