Theatre Preview: Macbeth, 12 September – 11 October, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

25 Aug

Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre is bringing out the big guns for the launch of its new season this September, with a staging of Shakespeare’s Macbeth from 12 September – 11 October.

Upon his victorious return from battle, Macbeth (Liam Brennan) is met by three witches who give him a tantalising prophecy for his future – he will acquire great power in his homeland, firstly as Thane of Cawdor and then as King of Scotland.

Alongside his ambitious and scheming wife (Allison McKenzie), their thirst for ultimate power begins to take control, setting the scene for a bloody royal coup. Driven by a fear of losing his new kingdom, Macbeth centres on the building tensions, paranoia and fear that lead to violence and murder…

A co-production with the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company, Macbeth is directed by Lucy Pitman-Wallace.

Visit the Lyceum website for full details and booking information and to watch the new trailer (see link below).

Macbeth Trailer

Update 15 September: Read the Macbeth review


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