Theatre Preview: The Red Shoes and The Other Red Shoes, 18 & 19 July, The Lyceum, Edinburgh

17 Jul

At Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre on 18 and 19 July, Summer on Stage participants will be demonstrating their talents with a double bill of public performances of The Red Shoes Re-Heeledby Emma Rosoman and The Other Red Shoesdevised by the company and directed by LyT’s leader Xana Maclean.

The Red Shoes Re-heeled

A contemporary re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, The Red Shoes Re-heeled throws this classic fairytale of stubbornness and abandon into the 21st century.

As the Lyceum website notes: “Karen, a young girl who can’t wait to leave 12 behind, is thrown into a world of alice bands and bravado – a world where she has to change fast to fit in.  Armed with a fist full of money and a new look, she visits a mysterious shoe maker but, having never had the chance to choose – always footing it in flip-flops – will she pick the right ones?”

The Other Red Shoes

An exciting performance devised and performed by the members of the Company,  The Other Red Shoes takes 12 young adults on a walk through their memories of fairy tales, stopping off to examine their shoes (and Hans Christian Andersen’s) on the way.

Some itsy-bitsy 8 – 10 year old feet will be joining them on stage and together they will dance through childhood dreams and desires discovering how they manifest themselves in the teenage here and now…

Full details are up on the Lyceum website now.

Reviews of both shows should be up on the blog soon, but if you’ve seen either show or are planning to, please leave a comment and let me know.


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