Film Review: Midnight Talks, Filmhouse

15 Jul

The Filmhouse’s Contemporary Polish Cinema season started with a quite a lot of style, if not a huge amount of substance, at the weekend with Midnight Talks.

Opening to the strains of Andy Williams over an animated title sequence, the world of childless artist Matylda is portrayed as empty and as yet unfulfilled. Her decision to advertise in the local paper for a father to her child sets of a series of events that will leave her world, and that of her flatmate, in a state of confusion.

Wasting no time in setting up its premise, Midnight Talks rattles along at a fair old pace, the slightly dubious morality of the story barely touched upon. Performances are note perfect, while the look of the film is as bright and breezy as that opening sequence.

While this was a fine start to a new season, showing the kind of film I maybe wouldn’t have expected to come from Poland, the very fact that it lacks identity as a Polish film is more of an issue for me than I imagined it would be.

Maybe the other three films in the season will strike a better balance between nationality and universality of story?

Review by Jonathan Melville

Find out about the other films in this season at the Filmhouse website.


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