Theatre Preview: Daniel Kitson’s 66a Church Road, 16 – 20 July, The Arches, Glasgow

9 Jul

In preparation for his upcoming appearance at the Edinburgh Festival, comedian Daniel Kitson brings his new show, 66a Church Road, to Glasgow’s Arches as a “work in progress” from Wednesday 16 – Sunday 20 July.

The brief blurb on the show states:

A Lament, Made of Memories and Kept in Suitcases

Last September I had to move out of my flat after living there for almost six years. I didn’t want to. I lived alone. I am single. 66a Church Road was the longest relationship of my life.

This is a break up show. For my flat.

Daniel Kitson – London May 2008

Kitson’s shows are always well reviewed and this should be no different – and for only a fiver it’s a bargain.

Full details on the Arches website.

Have you seen this show or do you plan to? Leave a comment if so and let me know what you thought.


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