Theatre Preview: Pornography, 28 July – 24 August, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

8 Jul

The second Traverse Theatre Company production being staged as part of their inaugural Manifesto season is Pornography (Monday 28 July – Sunday 24 August), centring around the events of July 2005 that led Britain through the G8 summit, Live 8 Concerts, the 2012 Olympics announcement, culminating in the 7/7 terrorist attacks.

A co-production with the Birmingham Repertory Company, the Traverse website describes the play as follows:

In July 2005, Britain feels like the centre of the world. Big events are happening and everyone is talking about them. In schools, offices, streets, shops, parks, homes – there’s a buzz in the air. You can feel the sense of anticipation. The world’s eyes are focused on us and you can feel the energy and possibilities.

In less than an hour in Central London, everything will change…

Written by the award winning Simon Stephens and starring a classy cast, Pornography looks like an intriguing play for the summer.

Full details on the Traverse website.


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