Theatre Preview: Licence Pending, 24 July, Tron Theatre, Glasgow

1 Jul

This is a tricky one to preview, but as it’s only on for one night it does fall within my remit so…I’ll crib entirely from the Tron website. Licence Pending is a poetic female musical cabaret taking place on Thursday 24 July and, as the website says:

“We are licence pending
We are a spoken word
We are ladies night and our rhymes is tight
We are boobish nuances, curvatious carvings, cravings, shavings, tampons, titbits, tits
We are all those bits you want to say, but never can in polite society
We are anti-sobriety
We are in the vic, to stick.

We are a poetic musical female cabaret featuring jenny lindsay (Big Word – poetic Scottish champ generally), jennifer williams (Neue Liber poetess), laura cameron lewis (exclusive solo set from the Edinburgh songstress) and your hostess drewid taylor (MEN< please come, no really… it’s only our performers that are all female!)”

So there you go – all clear now? Visit the Tron website for the same info, with a nice photo.


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