EIFF 2008 Day-by-Day: Thursday 26 June

26 Jun

Let the Right One In

As the week rattles along at a fair old speed, tiredness is catching up with me. I maybe mentioned elsewhere about early starts and late nights, and after a fortnight days tend to blur a bit. Last night I went to a UK Film Council hosted celebration of various new short film makers and had a good chat with some of them.

I had a great start to Thursday with a screening of the new Pixar animated movie, Wall-E. Set around 700 years in the future, it introduces us to WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth Class), a Johnny Five-ish robot whose job it is to clean up after the humans who have left Earth following their success at ruining its ecology.

WALL-E happily tends to his rubbish until new arrival EVE sends puts his wires in a twist and causes him to set out on an epic journey for love across the stars. It’s a great little film and you’ll never look at Frank Spencer in the same way again.

After a spot of lunch at the ever-glamorous Sainsbury’s Extra I went along to a very interesting seminar on the future of mobile video. Some amazing statistics – out of 6 billion or so people on the planet over 3 billion have mobile phones while far less own a PC – make it look like video use on mobile phones could be the Next Big Thing.

Promising great things, in the EIFF guide at any rate, my next film was Faintheart. The closing film of the Festival, this was a dire Britcom without the ‘com’. Telling of a Viking re-enactment group and its members, this is a film that goes nowhere. With no ambition or attempt to do anything interesting, it was a depressing 90 minutes that I’ll never get back.

In the evening I went along to Blue at the Traverse for the inaugural Rotten Tomatoes Critical Consensus Award. Swedish horror film Let the Right One In won, so now I’ll have to try and watch it before the end of the week.

I also bumped into film critic and podcaster extraordinaire Jason Solomons from The Observer – I listen to his podcast every week on the way to work so feel we’ve spent much quality time together over the last year or so. It was good to hear his thoughts on the Festival so far and to complement him on his Denzel Washington interview from last November.

Jason was there with his producer, also called Jason, who had been stuck in a hotel room editing for the last few days. I said I’d give the podcast a plug so head over to the Film Weekly blog if you’ve never listened to it.

So ended another day at the Festival. Tomorrow promises a viewing of the much praised Better Things and hopefully Let the Right One In.


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