EIFF Day-by-Day: Tuesday 24 June

24 Jun

The Fall

Today was mainly taken up with watching The Fall, a film that has been around since 2006 but that still hasn’t received distribution in the UK and only has limited release in the US.

I adored this film. As I’ve mentioned before I’ll be doing full reviews for everything I’ve seen over the next week or two, but I just have to say that this is worth catching either on Thursday or Saturday, the only days it screens at the EIFF.

Set initially in 1920s Los Angeles, movie stuntman Roy (Lee Pace) is holed up in hospital as he recovers from an on-set accident. Dumped by his girlfriend, he’s getting more depressed by the day and decides to end it all with the help of another patient, five year old Alexandria (Catinca Untara), who he bribes into stealing him morphine from the supplies room.

His bribe takes the form of a story that he tells Alexandria, a story that includes adventure, good versus evil, stunning locations and Charles Darwin. Reality and fantasy mix together in Alexandria’s head, with inspiration for scenes seemingly coming from The Wizard of Oz, The Princess Bride and other epics.

Shot in 26 countries over four years, this is a cracking film that I’ll be talking about a fair bit over the next few months until it gets a proper release.

In the evening I went to the annual Surprise Movie at the Cineworld. The film is, as the title suggests, a complete surprise until the credits role. This years film was The Rocker, an upcoming American comedy from The Full Monty director Peter Cattaneo.

The film tells of Robert ‘Fish’ Fishman (Rainn Wilson from the US version of The Office), drummer with rock band Vesuvius. When he’s dumped from the band in the 90s he lives the next 15 or so years bitter about his treatment until his nephew’s garage band requires a drummer and Fish steps in.

Harmless enough, I can’t quite see the point in screening a US teen movie here. I wouldn’t have expected a black and white Argentinian political documentary, but perhaps a film that more suited the audience would have been better. Still, Howard Hesseman, the best thing about US comedy WKRP in Cincinnati, turns up for about five minutes so it’s worth watching for something.

Tomorrow is a bigger day, with two films planned and the Ray Harryhausen talk in the afternoon.


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