EIFF 2008 Day-by-Day: Thursday 19 June

19 Jun

The morning after the night before as the effects of the opening night party linger. The event at Teviot House was fantastic, a 1940’s themed event with hundreds of folk dressed to impress. I really must invest in a fedora.

Film-wise I took myself along to the new Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper film, Married Life, this morning. It’s a beautiful looking, 1940s set (there’s a theme here…) drama about a married man (Cooper) who falls in love with a younger woman (Rachel McAdams). Problems arise when best friend Brosnan takes a shine to the new woman too and makes it his mission to win her heart.

Married Life is pretty inconsequential stuff, with the expected fine performance from Cooper and a good turn from Brosnan.

I also went to see new Scottish-set film Stone of Destiny, which tells the story of the group of students who set about returning the titular stone to Scotland in the 1950s. Starring Billy Boyd and Robert Carlyle, Stone is harmless enough but it does feel like there’s a bit of padding added here and there to bulk up what was probably a pretty non-eventful mission. Still, Scotland looks good.

I’ll have full reviews up over the weekend of both films. Tomorrow I’m going to see the new Robert Carlyle film, Summer, while hopefully attending a seminar with film producer Duncan Kenworthy, one of the men responsible for Notting Hill and other modern Brit-flicks.


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