EIFF 2008 Day-by-Day: Wednesday 18 June

18 Jun

The Edge of Love

Well, it’s started. The Edinburgh International Film Festival 2008 (or EIFF) officially kicks off tonight just up the road from my flat at Fountain Park’s Cineworld cinema with the screening of The Edge of Love, the new Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller biopic of Dylan Thomas.

I saw the film on Monday and enjoyed it, though I did feel that the hype surrounding the relationship between Knightley and Miller overshadowed the fantastic performance of Matthew Rhys as Dylan. His ability to flip between childlike insouciance and a more hard-edged darkness is captivating.

There’s already a review up elsewhere on the blog, and my own thoughts will be in the Edinburgh Evening News tomorrow – I’ll add a link to the site as and when it goes up. [Edit on 19 June: the review is now up over on the Evening News site]

I’ve also been watching a few other films for both the blog and the paper, the full list being:

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Elegy
  • Red
  • Milky Way Liberation Front
  • The Wackness
  • Somers Town

Out of the above I’d rate Elegy and Somers Town as being worth catching, the first for Ben Kingsley’s classy performance as a literary guru trying to work out where it all went wrong in his personal life, the latter because it’s the new Shane Meadows film.

Trouble Sleeping is an Edinburgh based, ultra low budget feature from Theatre Workshop and deals with the issues surrounding the city’s refugee community. Bleak yet infused with humour, this is one to catch if you can.

Red is a bit of an oddity. Starring and produced by Brian Cox, there’s a bit of the TV movie about this one, before it gets a bit revenge thrillery. Cox is great in it and I did enjoy it, it’s just that the last few minutes are so predictable that they threaten to overshadow the darker elements.

The Wackness was a hit at Sundance last year and it finally reaches UK shores at the EIFF. Ben Kingsley (again) turns up, this time playing well against his normal character type as a doped up doctor in 1994 New York. This one will split audiences I suspect.

Finally Milky Way Liberation Front will be reviewed here in a few days, being a bit too niche for entry to the Evening News this Friday, where the other five should be appearing.

I’ll list the rest of my planned viewing tomorrow, but if anyone has something they’d particularly like reviewed then add a comment below and I’ll do my best. Likewise feel free to agree or disagree with anything I’ve written above!


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