Edinburgh International Film Festival 2008: Six of the Fest: Horror

8 Jun

Just up on the Edinburgh International Film Festival website is a list of their top five horror films from this year’s programme.

While they’ve got all the synopsis for each film over there, I’ve had a hunt around for some trailers to complement their selection – sit back and enjoy some scares that are coming your way in a few weeks.

Let the Right One In

Based on the best selling novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, Let the Right One In is an absorbing and ethereal tale of friendship, rejection and unconditional love.

Blood Car

The tale of a vegan who inadvertently invents a carnivorous vehicle…

Fear(s) of the Dark

Animated horror – from a besotted student whose girlfriend seems – well, a little too ardent, to a Japanese schoolgirl menaced by a long-dead samurai, this looks amazing.

Mum and Dad

When airport cleaner Lena accepts an offer of help from colleague Birdie, her front door proves to be the gateway to a very British sort of nightmare…

Trail of the Screaming Forehead

Imagine The Blob reworked with the humour of Airplane! and the look of Dick Tracy. Inspired by special effects maestro Ray Harryhausen…


According to the Film Festival site, “Terrifying and tender by turns, this nocturnal thriller offsets the rebel cool of Donnie Darko with some heartstopping shocks”. Crikey.

Full details over at the EIFF 2008 website.


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