Talk Preview: Celluloid Sinatra: An Illustrated Talk, 2 June, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

31 May

I alluded to this talk very briefly the other week, but thought I’d just give it another plug as I bought my ticket yeterday – Celluloid Sinatra: An Illustrated Talk takes place at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse on Monday 2 June at 6.15pm.

From the website:

Adrian Wootton, CEO of Film London, former artistic director of the London Film Festival and longtime Sinatra aficionado, will give a liberally illustrated overview of Frank Sinatra’s life and movie career, looking at his 60-plus years in showbiz and the more than 50 feature films he appeared in.

Wootton has been a regular contributor to The Guardian over the years and has also interviewed many of the greats such as Neil Jordan, Angelica Huston and Quentin Tarantino.

All the information is over at the Filmhouse website and I’ll maybe see you there on Monday, even if it is as nice a day outside as it is today…


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