Film Release Update: Outpost Out Now!

16 May


Today sees the release in UK cinemas of homegrown horror movie Outpost, a film I reviewed a few weeks back.

I really enjoyed this Boy’s Own-style, blood ‘n’ bullets filled romp and make no apologies for that. Much as I’m happy to recommend everyone goes to see something classy like Adrian Wootton’s upcoming Frank Sinatra talk, I’m also keen to highlight some of the more bonkers stuff out there, Outpost being one of them.

It doesn’t take itself too seriously, tries hard with the budget it has(n’t) and aims to give you an entertaining 90 minutes or so. And there are Nazi zombies (look, there’s one at the top of the page!). And it was filmed in Scotland. Nuff said.

Here’s another look-see at the trailer before I say a bit more about its cinema release:

Sadly Outpost isn’t on in that many cinemas – using The Guardian’s cinemafinder do-dah I can only see it at Edinburgh’s Omni and and the Cineworld in Renfrew Street in Glasgow. If you see it listed – in Scotland or anywhere else – please leave a comment below.

You could wait for the DVD, but be nice and support the cinema release if you can.



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